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Lightning protection

Pararrayos Ltd. offers complete solutions against lightning. From product research and development to installation, maintenance and certification of systems.


Installation of lightning rods

Inspection of lightning rods

Working at heights

Pararrayos Ltd.

We are friends with lightnings and thunder, we jump over roofs like Spiderman!

Our company has a history in the Czech Republic in installation and maintenance of lightning protection systems for more than 40 years.

Instalación de pararrayo

Installation of lightning rods

Our products and systems are designed to meet the highest quality and safety standards. We comply exhaustively with the standards and regulations in each project.

Thanks to our highly qualified multidisciplinary team, our experience and the most advanced technology, we have been able to carry out installations all over the world for a wide range of sectors.

Pararayos SRL supplied and installed a complete lightning rod in Havana, including the installation of surge arresters.
including the installation of surge protection.

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Embassy of Slovakia in Havana
Contact person: Štefan Tomčík

Embajada de Eslovaquia en La Habana
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